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It takes only one hour and 15 minutes for the green buses to cover the distance between Corfu Town and Sidari (Sidhari), this feature increasing significantly the popularity of the northern resort of Sidari with tourists in Corfu. However, its accessibility is not the main reason enticing visitors to go to Sidari. On the contrary, the highlights of this resort refer to its own tourist assets, of which its beach counts as the most significant of all. The Sidari Beach is, by far, one of the most spectacular in Corfu or, at least, in northern Corfu. Indeed, there are several coves which lace the inviting sand and pebbles beach of Sidari, and which make a perfect opportunity for exploring the coastline by sea.

The background of this beach is pegged out by amazing sand cliffs and caverns unique in Corfu by the relief and scenery they yield. Adding the fact that the blue flagged stretch of sand and pebbles is washed by shallow waters, Sidari stands out as an ideal family oriented resort. Speaking about the dimpling curves of the sand cliffs bordering the beach, one of the most impressive formations of this kind refers to the so-called Canal d’Amour, several versions of a local love-related legend being projected on this objective in Sidari.

It’s obvious that nature has made its best to turn Sidari into a place worth visiting, but the work of man is just as visible. Thus, the resort is crammed with establishments offering accommodation services and facilities – meaning small hotels and villas, both located on the main thoroughfare of Sidari and rather secluded – as well as with fabulous eating venues putting forward unmatched gastronomic experiences. The Oasis is said to be the best restaurant in Sidari, so it is worth making a visit to this establishment and checking its offers.

Boat hiring is extremely popular in Sidari, but there is also a satisfactory number of car, bike, motorcycle and even horse hire operators giving tourists the opportunity to explore at will the surroundings of Sidari which, for that matter, are indeed worth exploring since the region of Sidari is said to be one of the oldest inhabited place in Corfu, as the history of the island demonstrates by certain archeological findings. Furthermore, Sidari also makes its way through as an appealing destination as far as nightlife is concerned and, though not as spectacular from this point of view as Ipsos, Kavos or Dassia, Sidari has a fair range of nightlife opportunities enabled by the large number of bars which encourage all sorts of behaviors, beginning with mere drinking in the company of friends to dancing and karaoke. What is appreciable about Sidari is that it manages to be at the same time a family oriented resort and to accommodate this feature with the buzz of nightlife effervescence.

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