Corfu Golf Clubs

An extremely appealing alternative of spending time in Corfu is yielded by Corfu Golf Club, the course of which is popular with enthusiast in the entire Europe and with connoisseurs around the world. This 18-hole golf course is deemed one of the finest and most challenging in the world, given its location in the Ropa Plain and its topography crossed by the Ropa River. Above all, the course is a test for every player who wants to face their skills and abilities against the challenges of the field.

However, besides being a perfect occasion for professionals, the course also gives beginners the possibility to make their way through in the world of golf. The Golf Club as such welcomes the latter by a professional staff which knows how to initiate neophytes into the secrets of golf playing on a specially arranged practice ground. But this is not the only facility visitors can benefit from. On the contrary, the clubhouse as such features plenty of amenities, being fitted with a snooker table and satellite TV. Changing rooms and lockers go without saying. The professionals’ shop is able to provide plenty of golf equipment, whereas the own restaurant complements by the meals it offers the experience if a day spent golfing.

In addition, Corfu Golf Club hosts a series of championships and competitions, of which the following are scheduled for 2010: the International Rotary Golf Championship (6th to 8th of May), the 36th International Amateur Championship (17th to 23rd of May), the Corfu Spring Festival (24th to 30th of May), the International Seniors and Veteran Ladies Champs (27th of September to 3rd of October) and the Corfu Autumn Festival (4th to 10th of October).

Corfu Golf Club
Ropa Valley, P.O. Box: 71, Corfu, 49100
Telephone number:
0030 26610 94220

Further information can be obtained at: Athens Offices, 1, P. Stavrou, Athens, 11524

Telephone number:
0030 210 6918795
0030 210 6923028