Corfu Top Attractions

What is appreciable about Corfu is that the island has had the ability of turning virtually all its features into tourist assets. May it be its historical heritage or natural endowment, may it be its culture or modern amenities, all these have been capitalized in view of a stunning development of tourist activity. Thus, the Corfu beaches, its climate, its historical landmarks, its museums and galleries, its religious establishments, its archeological sites, its golf club and course, and its lovely town or village resorts blend into a tourist formula magnetizing visitors around the world.

Beaches in Corfu

Thus, Corfu features more than 30 first hand beaches extremely popular with tourists who consider that sunbathing is the optimum way of making the best of their stay on the island. Beaches in the south are said to be the finest in Corfu, given their sandier quality as compared to the stretches in the north which, undeniably, yield stunning views, but are rather pebbly. Some may consider this particularity as a drawback. The beaches in Paleokastritsa and Benitses tend to amass the largest number of tourists, though they do not exceed in quality any of their counterparts.

Corfu Archeological Sites

The most interesting and historically significant sites refer to, first of all, the Ancient Site of Palaiopolis the highlights of which are represented by the Agora, the Roman Baths, a Post-Hellenistic building, and two Doric style temples. This site is located near Mon Repo. The Temple of Artemis Gorgous is yet another hotspot, of incredible historical importance, having been built around the 6th century BC. In terms of archeological sites, one should also try to tick off the Grave Monument of Menekratis, located in Garitsa, again built during the 6th century BC.

Corfu Historical Landmarks

Palaio Frourio (the Old Fortress) and Neo Frourio (the New Fortress) belong to the must-see category of objectives, being the closest thing to the idea of symbol of Corfu Town. They are located in Corfu Town (Kerkyra) and, beside their historical relevance, they have been arranged in view of hosting, for instance, a Conference Center and the Municipal Library, on the one hand, and the Museum of Ceramic Art and various performances and displays, respectively, on the other hand. The Achillion Palace is linked to the spectacular personal life of Princess Sissy who, passionate about the Greek mythology and culture, found in Corfu a perfect emplacement for its way of showing her respect to the Greek heritage. The Splianada Square and the nearby Liston promenade peg out magnificently the picture of top attractions in Corfu Town, impressing by either being the largest square in the Balkans, and by its incredibly stylish buildings, respectively.

Corfu Museums and Galleries

Corfu also puts forward a generous offer of museums and galleries, of which the most noteworthy refer to the Archeological Museum, the Byzantine Museum, or the Museum of Asian Art. However, the Solomos Museum, the Sea Shell Museum and the Municipal Art Gallery are just as much worth visiting.

Corfu Tourist Resorts

The island of Corfu is replete with resorts which, by themselves, stand out as major tourist destinations given that they share the general tourist wealth of the entire island. Thus, Kavos, Paleokastritsa, Dassia, Benistes, Kalami, Sidari, Roda, Agios Gordios or Nissaki, not to mention Corfu Town as such, can offer the sufficient frame for a perfect vacation. Nevertheless, tourists may be content with what one single resort has to offer, but they may just as well decide to make trips and to visit at least the nearby villages and towns in view of livening up their stay in Corfu and to get to know the island as exhaustively as possible. After all, there are about 20 resorts on the island, each of them featuring an extraordinary uniqueness. However, the choice is eventually up to tourists.

Corfu Aqualand and Golf Clubs

Corfu Aqualand and the Corfu Golf Club count as the more modern attractions, targeting some rather heterogeneous visitors. Aqualand is perfect for spending family time, given that the park is fitted with all amenities necessary for making the best of a day at the beach, whereas the Golf Club is oriented, by all its arrangements and facilities, towards attracting and satisfying the needs of golf enthusiasts.

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