How to get to Corfu

Getting to Corfu by air

The simplest way to get to Corfu is, by far, traveling by plane. Foreigners have two choices, namely, either to opt for a charter flight reaching directly from whatever city to Corfu – but they should bare in mind that most charter flights heading directly to Corfu leave from the major cities of UK – or to go for a flight which first stops in Athens or Thessaloniki only to continue their trajectory to Corfu afterwards. A plane trip from the Athens International Airport Eleftherios Venizelos or from the Macedonia Thessaloniki Airport to Corfu Ioannis Kapodistrias International Airport lasts no more than one hour, and once arrived in the Corfu Airport, any spot on the island is accessible either by car or by bus, not to mention the alternative option of exploring the coastline by ferry or by boat. The main national airline operators servicing the link between mainland Greece and Corfu refer to Olympic Airlines and Aegean Airlines.

Getting to Corfu By car/bus and boat/ferry

The Igoumenitsa Port is the one which links mainland Greece to Corfu, and this port is accessible either by car or by bus from both Athens and Thessaloniki. A car trip from Athens to Igoumenitsa takes about 2 hours, whereas a 7-hour trip from Thessaloniki to the respective port is needed in order to make the distance. Opting for a trip by means of the KTEL Intercity Buses leaving both from Athens and Thessaloniki and arriving in Igoumenitsa is a less pricy alternative to covering the distance by car. From Igoumenitsa, a 2-hour boat or ferry trip is needed in order to reach to Corfu. A further alternative in terms of links between mainland Greece and the island of Corfu is represented by the Patras Port, which is accessible in the same way from Athens, and which makes available boat trips to Corfu.

Getting to Corfu by boat/ferry

Tourists should know that they can resort to boat trips exclusively in the event they intend to start off from Bari, Bridezi, Ancona, Trieste or Venice. The main transport operators connecting these cities to Corfu are Superfast Ferries (, Minoan Lines ( and Anek Lines ( Though not as time efficient as other means of getting to Corfu, the alternative of traveling by boat/ferry is much more rewarding in terms of spectacular views and seascape. All in all, tourists have plenty of options to choose from and, on top of that, they can make any combination their imagination can yield.