Corfu Villas to Rent

Given that Corfu is a favorite destination for all sorts of tourists, it’s only natural for the island to put forward a large range of accommodation solutions in order to match as many tastes as possible. Thus, an alternative to the variously rated mainstream hotels is yielded by the numerous villas the island is dotted with, plenty of operators having developed solid villas infrastructures in order to complement the typical range of services offered by hotel companies.

Such villas for rent are perfect for those who want spend their holidays together with their families or with a larger number of friends. These establishments are also oriented to welcoming couples, but their main benefit refers to the fact that they offer to their guests an enhanced opportunity of spending their holidays being at the same time assured that their privacy is highly unlikely to be disturbed by any external interference. It’s true that renting a villa implies most of the time the will to self cater. Some may deem this implication a drawback, but others tend to appreciate it, whereas a different category of tourists have a neutral attitude as to this aspect, since they can, just as well, have meals at any given restaurant or eating venue, for instance.

In addition, as a general rule, villas for rent are fitted with the utmost modern facilities and are beautifully arranged in order to comply with the strictest demands. Thus, most of them feature at least 3 or 4 bedrooms – in most cases, each bedrooms has its own bathroom – large dining rooms and living rooms and fully equipped kitchens. Air conditioners go without saying. Most villas for rent also feature large and inviting swimming pools and Jacuzzis – either indoors or outdoors – as well as beautiful terraces. Some may also be provided with completely equipped barbeque areas, and the facilities may vary without limit as both to their diversity and quality. Yet, presence of the access to the Internet and of TVs goes without saying, no villa owner affording to disregard such important details. Some of the best recommended villas refer to Villa Privilege (9 kilometers from Corfu Town, and it also features a tennis court), Villa Romantic (2 kilometers from the village of Agios Matheos, close to the Paramonas Beach), Villa Electra (nearby the Benitses resort), Villa Kokini (rather secluded, but 10 kilometers from Corfu Town, about 3 kilometers from the Mirtiotissa Beach and about 4 kilometers from the Corfu Golf Club), Villa Skidi (close to the small Skidi Beach) and Villa Viglatsouri (in the village of Nissaki).

As a plus, most of the villas for rent located in Corfu have been built such as to make the best of their location, that is, they either offer great views or are extremely close to the main hotspots: landmarks, beaches, and so on. However, those who love seclusion are also taken into consideration by the main villa renting operators, some villas having been built precisely to comply with such tastes. But regardless of their location, what must be kept in mind by any tourist in Corfu is that the proficient road infrastructure of the island allows visitors to travel from any given point to another without too much trouble. All in all, tourists should seriously consider the alternative of resorting to a villa for rent. They might find out this option suits better their ideal of spending a holiday in Corfu.