Corfu Apartments

Since accommodation is essential to the overall tourist activity, it is only natural for a destination like Corfu to put forward various solutions ranging from villas for rent and luxury hotels to the less exquisite, but just as useful alternative yielded by the apartments for rent. Indeed, the island is replete with variously rated apartments (from 4 key establishments to 1 key apartments) welcoming their guests with quality facilities and services and offering, at the same time, a reasonable accommodation version in terms of prices.

Yet, tourists should not consider these apartments as a compromise they are forced to make by force of their financial limitations. On the contrary, some of these establishments can hardly be considered less pricey than the mainstream alternative represented by hotels. The bottom line is apartments are, with respect to costs, just as various as hotels or villas, which is why tourists should carefully examine the offers and choose according to their expectations and budget. However, apartments do represent a choice in the event all other possibilities are exhausted, for instance, during peak season months.

The main criteria for judging the quality of an apartment and for making a choice is represented by its rating, ratings being made in terms of keys: the more keys an apartment features, the higher the quality of its facilities. Luxury apartments stand as the climax of this type of establishments, and a general prerequisite for renting an apartment in view of holidaying in Corfu is guests’ will to self-cater. This, however, should not become an issue, since most apartments are located close to either supermarkets and grocery shops or taverns and restaurants. Either way, the need of self-catering can be easily complied with is necessary. Furthermore, depending on how tourists conceive their vacation and on their expectation, their may opt for rather secluded venues or, on the contrary, for apartments located on or nearby the main thoroughfares of Corfu.

Dimitris Luxury Apartments

In this respect, the Dimitris Luxury Apartments stand as one of the most tempting accommodation solutions in the popular resort of Sidari, being an adequate recommendable option for those who seek calmness and peace. As an additional feature, the apartments are surrounded by an amazing courtyard the main highlight of which being represented by a 230 square meter pool. The apartments are also family oriented, and are located only a short distance away from the sparkling hustle of the resort.

Dimitris Apartments
Spiros and Roula Krokidis, Magoulades, 49081, Corfu, Greece
Telephone number:
0030 26630 95801
0030 26630 95801

Rapanos Apartments

Rapanos Apartments are ideal for tourists wanting to spend their holidays in the lovely Paleokastritsa. These apartments simultaneously benefit from being somewhat far from the buzz so characteristic of the resort, but not far enough as to make guests face difficulties in reaching to the main attractions and thoroughfares of Paleokastritsa: beach, restaurants, supermarkets, bus station.

Apartments Rapanos
Telephone number:
0030 69743 42904

These are but two mere examples of the genuinely reach offer of apartments for rent in Corfu. Tourists should also look into the offers made by the Myrto Apartments, in case they want to holiday in Mirtiotissa, by Spiti Prifti in Gouvia or by Andy’s Apartments in Agios Stefanos. All in all, they should rest assured: if decided to opt for an apartment, they will most certainly not run out of options as to the combination between prices and quality.