Corfu Nightlife and Clubbing

Being the picturesque tourist destination that it is due to its natural endowment and to its modern infrastructure, Corfu also has quite a reputation in terms of a sparkling nightlife enabled by the countless bars, clubs and pubs livening up the beaches and the coastline roads which cross the entire island. However, there are several nightlife hubs on the island which closely delineate the idea of literally never ending fun. Nighttime distractions are made possible only in view of complementing the rather cannier daytime activities. Thus, Kavos, Roda, Ypsos and Dassia are the main resorts excelling with respect to keeping their visitors up all night, whereas some consider that Corfu Town, despite being the capital of the island, does not feature as many nightlife opportunities as other resorts. Others, on the other hand, believe the contrary.

Corfu Nightlife

When it comes to partying all night, Ypsos is, by far, the most dynamic place to be in Corfu. There are four noteworthy venues in Ypsos, namely, Lumberjack’s, The Old Tree and B52, as well as The Temple Bar (or TTB) which enable dazzling tons of fun. Located in the center of Ypsos, B52 is popular with tourists for its thematic weekly musical events often turned into beach parties lasting until dawn. This is a venue which manages to overshadow many of its counterparts on the island. Another outstanding bar in Ypsos refers to Lumberjack’s, where the atmosphere is hardly matched by other nightlife venues. Excellent cocktails and exquisite drinks enhance the feeling of good one can get in the company of their friends or of yet to be friends, everybody blending into an irresistible stream of energy fed by both the lack of inhibition and by the throbbing music. TTB is a beachfront venue with serves meal by day and turns into an excellent bar at night. Its clients can very well claim the venue services all their party expectations. The Old Tree enables just as much fun, but this particular bar stands out by its cosmopolitan dash and by its ability to gain its clients’ loyalty pretty fast. Angelos Bar is the main hotspot of Kassiopi in terms of nightlife. The atmosphere it generates is owned to the welcoming staff and to the thematic musical nights it organizes regularly. The finest selection of drinks is made available only to suit all tastes and whims, which is why tourists should not lose the opportunity of visiting the bar if in Kassiopi.

Corfu Nightclubs

In terms of nightclubs, The Venue is a remarkable presence right into the very heart of Kavos. Finding the club should not become an issue, since it is located on the main street of the town and, in all cases, its location is signaled by the impressive queue of people wanting to gain access to the club. Edem, on the other hand, is highly popular with extreme clubbers. It is located in Dassia and it should not be overlooked by those who want to experience the utmost crazy manifestation possible on the island of Corfu. Corfu Town, at its turn, features some interesting and inviting clubs. These refer to Ekati and Esperides (both Greek style venues), as well as to Corfu by Night, places which excel buy both the atmosphere they yield and by their price policy. But the nightspots picture of Corfu Town is vast enough as to comprise a series of other venues, such as Hook, Base, Cristal, Elxis, Privilege or Au Bar.