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Located only 16 kilometers from Corfu Town, a distance easily covered in no more than some 30 minutes by the green buses leaving from the capital of the island, Benitses is genuinely one of the most frequented resorts in Corfu, and it has had and maintained this statute for a long time – some say the tourist tradition in Benitses goes back to Roman times. Advised tourists know that Benitses hosts one of the most interesting museums in Corfu, that is, the Sea Shell Museum, the excellence of which has been ascertained by a reputed research institute in Italy. Yet, most tourists are highly unlikely to turn this museum into their main reason for visiting Benitses.

Indeed, this establishment can undeniably be ticked off, but the main highlight of this southeastern resort refers to its blue flagged beaches which amass an incredible flow of tourists each year despite the fact that, as some say, the quality of these stretches of sand and pebbles is rather unsatisfactory. This paradoxical situation can be explained by the fact that Benitses is a traditional vacation destination, a tradition which can not be easily shattered. In addition, the beaches in Benitses are replete with all sorts of facilities, from beach bars to karaoke joints, water sports facilities and other amenities enabling lots of sundry activities. One can rightfully consider that the beaches in Benitses are complete as far as opportunities of spending leisure time are concerned.

Lively is the word to describe best this resort. And, indeed, daytime effervescence is naturally extended into the dynamic nightlife for which Benitses is famed. Usual visitors of Benitses have had the opportunity of noticing that efforts have been made to tone down this feature of the resort in view of turning Benitses into a more family oriented destination. Some may regard this initiative as an improvement, since Benitses used to be rather borderline than sparkling in terms of nightlife opportunities. Far from being a quiet venue, Benitses managed to moderate its extravagance, which is a plus for those who appreciate measure. But the charm and the appeal of Benitses are far from pining away, its magnetism being substantiated by the huge number of accommodation solutions available in this resort.

In this regard, it must be mentioned that Benistes hosts one of the few luxury hotels in Corfu, namely, the Costa Blu Hotel, which should be carefully considered by those who intend to splurge. Regency and San Stefano should also be checked since they do not fall short of the A class category of hotels. But if traveling on a rather short budget, tourists should rest assured: in terms of accommodation, Benitses makes available more than a couple of thousands of beds, referring to both mainstream hotels and villas and apartments for rent.

Benitses also excels in eating venues, tourists having both the opportunity of sampling local specialties and international food. Flower Garden and Cutty Sark are thought of as two of the most advisable eating venues in Benitses. But either in the mood for a fast snack or for a hearty meal, tourists have the possibility of satisfying all gastronomic whims in Benitses. Another possible objective some might consider worthy of interest refers to the nearby Mount Agios Deka, only 3 kilometers from Benitses, which is a perfect daytrip destination and a pleasant walk from the resort. The bottom line is Benitses has been a genuine hub of tourism on the island of Corfu, and it manages to live up to its reputation, complying with all the expectations usual visitors or newcomers may have in relation to this resort.

Attractions in Corfu

Corfu Serbian Museum

The Serbian Museum speaks about the stay of the Serbian army which found refuge in Corfu during World War I. Exhibits Uniforms, medals, flags, ammunition and well as sundry artifacts



Sidari resort is located just 15 minutes away from Corfu Town. The resort is famous for its beaches and bays as well as for Canal d’Amour, a must visit.



Kavos is one of the most famous tourist resorts in Corfu. It is dominated by british youth who come for nightlife, clubs and entertainment at Kavos.