Nissaki / Resorts

As it is the case with other small rather secluded resorts in Corfu, the main highlight in Nissaki refers to its blue flagged beaches bordered by small lovely coves. This northeastern resort is located only 22 kilometers from Corfu Town, a distance easily covered by the green buses departing from the capital of the island in about 40 minutes. Tourist infrastructure refers to the several bars and taverns lying along the main road leading from Corfu Town to Nissaki.

Of course, there is a fair offer of hotels and other establishments putting forward accommodation services, but they are nothing out of the ordinary. However, some tend to consider this feature is one Nissaki should take pride in, since the resort did not give much to tourism, complying with certain visitors’ wish of traveling to places unadulterated by the touch of tourism. Yet, there are certain sports facilities on the beaches pertaining to Nissaki and, on top of all, boat trips along the coast make for a perfect day spent in this resort. Briefly put, Nissaki is something between the southerner Barbati and the northerner Kaminaki, not necessarily geographically speaking, but from the point of view of tourist assets. And speaking about tourist assets, the presence of the towering Mount Pantokrator can not possibly be overlooked since the scenery it yields contributes consistently to whatever Nissaki capitalizes in view of appealing to tourists.

Attractions in Corfu

Molos Beach

The Molos Beach looks a lot like the Kavos Beach, featuring shallow waters and a sandy texture.


Nissaki Beach

he north east side Nissaki Beach (otherwise called the Krouzeri Beach) is a pebbly stretch often opted for by numerous holidaymakers given the spectacular scenery


Ermones Beach

The Ermones Beach, a blue flagged venue with deep waters, is just as much worth visiting, since it lacks nothing of what more famous beaches feature.