Trips from Corfu to Paxi / Excursions

Despite the fact that Corfu as such is replete with attractions able, by force of their number and appeal, to keep any tourist busy for an entire stay on the island, newcomers and especially visitors who have come to Corfu before do have plenty of alternatives to choose from, and a trip to the nearby smaller island of Paxi – also referred to as Paxos – is an inspired choice one can make in terms of exploring the attractions nearby Corfu. However, once in Paxi, one can always try to tick off the other even smaller island of Antipaxi (Antipaxos), which has its own charm and appeal and is closely located to Paxi.

Thus, Paxi is located 11 kilometers southwards from Corfu, and despite the fact that it does not excel in impressive hotspots, its main economic activity is represented by tourism, which is closely followed by olive growing and fishing. The island could best be described as a daytrip destination, but the one hotel located in Paxi and the plethora of rooms for rent suggest that the island is often visited for longer stays. The general dash of Paxi is fairly distinct from the atmosphere in Corfu, its main town, namely, Gaios – which is also the harbor of the island – resembling much more to a typical Greek town, unlike Corfu Town, famous for its Venetian style architecture due to which Corfu is rather distinct from its mainland counterparts. However, Paxi is able to keep tourists busy, offering a good number of beaches and plenty of fish taverns. The bottom line is Paxi is ideal for a rather cannier getaway from the bustle so characteristic of Corfu Town and of the other crowded resorts. The best moments to plan a trip to Paxi are represented by 29th of June, when St. Peter and St. Paul are celebrated, and 15th of August, a day of pilgrimage to the monastery located on the tiny islet of Panayia – located in the Gaios bay – culminating in the feast held in the main square of Gaios.

Attractions in Corfu


Sidari resort is located just 15 minutes away from Corfu Town. The resort is famous for its beaches and bays as well as for Canal d’Amour, a must visit.


Peroulades Beach

The Peroulades Beach is a noteworthy presence in the northwestern side of Corfu. Despite its rather small size, it is one of the most splendid sand beaches


Ipsos Beach

Given that blue flagged beaches are the closest thing to the idea of label of Corfu, there is no surprise to find out that the Ipsos (Ypsos) Beach has obtained the same statute.