Kalami / Resorts

There are two major highlights in Kalami, namely, the beaches pertaining to this small resort and its reference to the life and activity of Lawrence Durrell. This northeastern resort is linked to Corfu Town by the regular green buses, and tourists should keep in mind that despite the convenient short distance from the capital of the island, Kalami is mostly popular with tourists in search of calmness and wanting to flee from the hustle so characteristic of plenty of other resorts in Corfu.

And, indeed, there are tourists raving for the legendary tranquility of small fishing Greek villages, and Kalami makes a good destination for them. On the other hand, Kalami is not inert from a tourist point of view, since this resort features plenty of opportunities of spending leisure time in a more dynamic manner, sunbathing aside, such opportunities referring to boat hire, as well as bike and sea scooter hire facilities. In addition, the several beach taverns can complement the lovely moments spent sunbathing or enjoying the overall offer of the blue flagged beaches of Kalami.

A possible objective may refer to the famous White House where Lawrence Durrell lived and wrote for a while, located at one end of the bay, but one should not expect the look of a museum or the like, since the house is nowadays a tavern run like any other establishment of this kind. And speaking of taverns or other eating venues, some tend to consider that the White House Tavern itself is worth trying, along with the so called Dimitri’s Bar. Villa Matela is said to be a highlight of establishments offering accommodation-related services and facilities, but, naturally, tourists should always check the overall offer put forward by other sleeping venues. All in all, Kalami is one of the rare and invaluable spots in Corfu by means of which the island manages to live up to its reputation of vacation destination which can comply with all tourist tastes, the taste for seclusion and peace included.

Attractions in Corfu

Kapodistrias Museum

The Kapodistrias Museum complements the picture of museums and galleries Corfu is replete with. Dedicated to Ioannis Kapodistrias, the first governor of Greece



Located only 45 minutes from Corfu Town there lays the resort of Messongi (or Messonghi). Apollon Palace and Messongi Beach Hotel are the most known hotels.


Sea Shell Museum

The Sea Shell Museum is a rather interesting presence in the abundant offer of such establishments in Corfu. Its asset consists of underwater findings covering the regions of the Mediterranean…