Trips from Corfu to Ithaca / Excursions

Only a short distance from Kefalonia, Ithaka – also referred to as Ithaki – is mentioned as an inspired trip destination for those who want to vary their stay in Corfu, though what they will find on this rocky island is highly unlikely to look much like a sandy paradise. This is why tourists are advised to carefully consider their option of going to Ithaka, though, on the other hand, holidaymakers enthusiastic of discovering on their own the alleged traces of the grand Greek mythology in general, and the homeland of Odysseus in particular will be more than rewarded once they get to Ithaka. Indeed, Ithaka lacks good beaches and the only asset it is able to capitalize in view of thriving on tourism is represented by the claim that the island is the home of renowned Greek mythical hero. The few hotels and rooms for rent in the main village in Ithaka, namely, Vathi, are designed precisely to service the accommodation needs of tourists in search of mythical experiences.

Attractions in Corfu

Trips from Corfu to Parga

Parga is the most frequented resort on the Epirus coastline of Greece. Visit the old fortress in Parga and Valtos Beach.


Nissaki Beach

he north east side Nissaki Beach (otherwise called the Krouzeri Beach) is a pebbly stretch often opted for by numerous holidaymakers given the spectacular scenery


Roda Beach

The neighboring Roda Beach pertains to the homonymous seaside resort which undergoes and increasing popularity with tourists visiting Corfu.