Dassia Beach / Corfu Beaches

The Dassia Beach, still in the eastern side of Corfu, is a blue flagged pebbly stretch, being located a little northwards from Corfu Town, in the municipality of Feakon. It faces the Albanian coastline and disposes of a generous offer of accommodation solution from the part of the nearby hotels and resorts – not to mention the rooms and apartments for rent – and its surroundings are replete with eating and drinking venues, such as restaurants, coffee shops and taverns. Sunbathing aside, leisure time can be spent indulging in water sports activities.

Attractions in Corfu

Palace of Saints Michael and George

The Palace of Saints Michael and George in Corfu (Kerkyra) hosts yet another museum, namely, the Municipal Art Gallery. This museum hosts a generous display of works produced by 19th…


Museum of Ceramic Art

The display made available by the Museum of Ceramic Art speaks about what is characteristic of Corfu in terms of ceramic art.



What is fascinating about Kaminaki is this resort has managed to resist to the mainstream tourism development, preserving its genuine Greek village