Kaminaki Beach / Corfu Beaches

The Kaminaki Beach excels by being one of the most secluded pebble stretches in the entire Corfu. Its isolation is owned to the extremely steep road one has to make in order to get to the beach. The natural endowment of this place renders the beach as an extremely inviting venue which is worth exploring by sea, should tourists happen to own a boat or to have hired one. The beach is perfect for picnicking, an activity many visitors indulge in, though an alternative in terms of eating is represented by the few taverns located nearby.

Attractions in Corfu


Paleokastritsa is, by far, the jewel beach resort on the west coast of Corfu island. Its main attractions are the blue flagged beaches and water sports.


Kondokali Beach

The Kondokali Beach is another sunbathing venue awarded the blue flag. It is, again, located in the eastern side of Corfu, only 6 kilometers from Corfu Tow


Kavos Beach

The Kavos Beach, again stretching in the southern region of Corfu, is highly popular with tourists holidaying on the island together with their families