Paleokastritsa / Resorts

Paleokastritsa is, by far, the jewel beach resort on the west coast of Corfu. Given that it takes only 45 minutes for the green buses to get from Corfu Town to Paleokastritsa, it might be also stated that the resort is conveniently close to the main entrance point in Corfu, namely, the capital of the island and the Corfu International Ioannis Kapodistrias Airport. The first to discover the charm of Paleokastritsa was Sir Frederick Adam, a British dignitary arriving in Corfu at the beginning of the 19th century who fell a pray to the beauty of the back then small village of Paleokastritsa. It is to this character that Corfu owes the oldest project of road infrastructure leading to Paleokastritsa. Other notorious figures to have appreciated the scenery put forward by Paleokastritsa refer to Empress Sissy and Kaiser Wilhelm, as well as to Edward Lear.

Paleokastritsa Tourist Attractions

Most certainly, the main asset of Paleokastritsa refers to its blue flagged beaches washed by the clear waters of three small coves, namely, Agia Triada, Platakia and Alipa. Even if these beaches do not enable the most velvety experience, being partly made of sand and partly of pebbles, its facilities and opportunities of diversifying sunbathing complement its already undeniable appeal. In this respect, Paleokastritsa is where one of the most professional scuba diving centers, namely, Achilleon Diving, has its main center offering unforgettable and thrilling experiences to their clients, the diving spots in the waters around Paleokastritsa being renowned for their limpidity and richness of underwater scenery and opportunities. Other water sports activities are possible in Paleokastritsa, such as water-skiing or canoe. In addition, a boat trip to the Rock of Kolovri, one of the main attractions in Paleokastritsa, is always worth making, since the objective floats in the legendary atmosphere projected on it.

Another hotspot of Paleokastritsa refers to the Theotokos Monastery (otherwise referred to as the Monastery of Panayias Paleokastristsas) which is at least interesting and worth discovering given its historic relevance. In addition, daytrips to Lakones are recommended not because of the inherent possible charm of this hillside village, but mainly because one can always gain a new perspective on Paleokastritsa itself, the former offering a stunning panoramic view over the latter. By visiting Lakones, as it were, one gets the chance to round up their experience and impression of Paleokastritsa. Angelokastro, also known as Bella Vista, while speaking about a piece of the history of Corfu – it was built during the 13th century under the rule of Michael II Angelos Komnenos as a defense against the repeated conquering attempt of pirates – it is also a valuable daytrip destination for the same reason as Lakones: it offers great views on Paleokastritsa.

Paleokastritsa Hotels

In terms of accommodation, the most recommendable establishments refer to the Akrotiri Beach Hotel (which is the only A class hotel in Paleokastritsa), to the Oceanis Hotel and to the Paleokastritsa Hotel, whereas in terms of eating, The Rock is popular with fish dishes enthusiasts. Yet there are plenty of other sleeping and eating venues in Paleokastritsa, the beaches being the ones to dictate the main lay out of these tourism-related establishments. In addition, the town itself is replete with hotels and taverns and the like. An additional and appreciated feature of Paleokastritsa is it is an extremely intensely family oriented resort, which is why one might easily and rightfully consider Paleokastritsa is more than well endowed for welcoming its visitors, ticking off all the prerequisites for satisfying even the most vagarious tourists.

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