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When it comes to Kavos, there are so many features by which this resort in Corfu is genuinely unmatched that it’s difficult to decide what to start with. First of all, Kavos is the southernmost resort on the island, and the connection between Corfu Town and Kavos is assured by the KTEL operated green buses which make regular trips to the southern jewel of the island covering the distance in about an hour and 30 minutes, though delays are possible. Second of all, Kavos can take pride in featuring the largest beach on the entire island of Corfu, an extremely appreciated 3 kilometer stretch of sand bordered by shallow waters. Indeed, these features might indicate Kavos is favorable to family vacations.

Yet, those who intend to travel to Kavos to this end should reconsider their choice, since there is another feature of Kavos which offsets this possible benefit, meaning the resort encourages an almost raging nightlife which does not accommodate with family vacation plans. This is yet another particularity of Kavos which singles out this resort among the plethora of seaside resorts in Corfu. Some say there are more than 100 bars, pubs and clubs servicing tourists’ penchant for nighttime fun and adventures. This is precisely why single youngsters represent the main category of tourists coming to Kavos. Related to the nightlife in Kavos, a question frequently asked by those concerned with such aspects refers to limitations as to drinking, more precisely, to drinking age, since drinking is the main factor spicing up and, actually, enabling the spectacular nightlife of Kavos. It is ascertained that 18 is the lowest allowed drinking age, but should drinkers disobey this law, they are highly unlikely to be legally sanctioned.

The worst case scenario is they will be frowned upon, but this is not an attitude bar and club related personnel cultivates since everybody knows drinking is what keeps both tourists up all night and tourism thriving on their choices of spending time. Yet, legal sanctions are not unheard of, so should one choose to drink despite their age, this is a risk they must take. So, speaking of nightlife opportunities, The Venue seems to be extremely popular in Kavos but, obviously, there is no limit with respect to options or to the combination of alternatives, bar and disco hopping being one possible solution as to the issue of ticking off as many establishments of this kind as possible.

A further curiosity about Kavos refers to the fact that the region consists mainly of quiet small fishing villages which carry out their canny life and activities only to completely metamorphose into one of the most crowded venue in Corfu in peak season months. Kavos bursts with tourist life the dynamism of which is enabled by the many facilities located on or nearby the beach. These facilities enable virtually all sorts of sports activities, ranging from paragliding to windsurfing, and boat trips to the nearby island of Paxos (Paxi) are extremely at hand in Kavos since, again, this resort is the southernmost of all in Corfu and Paxos is about 11 kilometers southwards from Corfu. The beach is carpeted with umbrellas and lounge chairs, so it’s no overstatement to say that Kavos features a complete beach as to its endowments. Briefly put, the sky’s the limit when is comes to means of spending time in Kavos. All in all, this resort is a reference point in Corfu, despite the fact that, on the other hand, when it comes to accommodation and eating venues, though not at all scarce, establishment offering such services are exceeded in both number and reputation by nightlife venues.

Attractions in Corfu

Gardenos Beach

The Gardenos Beach is less famous among most of the visitors coming to Corfu in view of sunbathing.



There are two major highlights in Kalami, namely, the beaches pertaining to this small resort and its reference to the life and activity of Lawrence Durrell.


Sidari Water Park

Sidari Water Park-Hotel is located near Sidari, on Corfu Island. The water park has water slides, swimming pools, table hockey and table football.