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Located only 30 minutes southwards from Corfu Town, the lovely beach of Glyfada (Glifada) is deemed one of the finest and longest of all beaches in Corfu, since it is made exclusively of sand, a feature few of its counterparts share, and it stretches on 2 kilometers. But as splendid as this beach might be, Glyfada can hardly be considered a resort, though nowadays it represents the core around which tourists can notice the incipient yet rapid upsurge of a resort.

Thus, the exquisite Louis Grand Hotel substantiates both the potential of this beach as to its development into a resort in its own right and tourists attraction to this southeastern part of Corfu. With respect to eating venues, let alone the few taverns in Glyfada, hotels’ own restaurants are said to be the most recommendable. A feature some tend to appreciate to Glyfada refers to its nighttime tranquility, which means that nightlife opportunities liable to spoil the charm of Glyfada are close to nothing in this nowadays incipient resort. Daytime is, however, particularly replete with buzz, the beach featuring countless facilities enabling all sorts of sports and activities to keep tourists busy.

Glyfada also makes a perfect daytrip destination for tourists accommodated in the nearby resorts, such as Agios Gordis or Mirtiotissa. A further particularity refers to the fact that the stretch of sand has been awarded the blue flag, which is an ascertainment of this beach’s quality, but the stretch can hardly be deemed family oriented, since the waters washing the beach are quite deep and underwater currents are known to be extremely dangerous as far as inexperienced swimmers are concerned. Glyfada is, however, a place increasing the tourist rating of the entire Corfu; hence, regular visitors of this Greek island should at least once sample what Glyfada has to offer in terms of tourist attractions.

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There are two major highlights in Kalami, namely, the beaches pertaining to this small resort and its reference to the life and activity of Lawrence Durrell.


Kondokali Beach

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