Dassia / Resorts

Though not as family oriented as other resorts in Corfu, Dassia is an increasingly popular holiday destination which appeals mostly to those who grasp the idea of a perfect vacation from the perspective of the bustle they can enjoy each moment of the day. And, indeed, Dassia excels in offering great nightlife opportunities, standing out as one of the main hubs of Corfu in terms of clubs and bars to spend the nights in. In this respect, Edem, a club located in Dassia, is where one should want to be if extreme clubbing is what satisfies them to the utmost degree. Yet, nightlife is not the one to have the monopoly of the hustle so characteristic of Dassia. In fact, daytime Dassia is just as lively, which is possible by means of the large blue flagged beach pertaining to this resort.

Dassia Beach

The Dassia Beach, though mostly pebbly, overflows with tourists all the season long, tourists who want either to simply sunbathe or to benefit from the various facilities which enable sundry activities, such as water sports. Furthermore, Dassia is a perfect starting point for exploring the nearby attractions and opportunities. Thus, it is conveniently close to Ypsos (Ipsos), another hotspot of Corfu in terms of crazy nightlife, and to Kontokali (Kondokali), a resort which hosts one of the top scuba diving centers in Corfu, namely, the Seven Islands Dive center.

Accommodation and eating are offered by the plethora of establishments which deliver such services. Thus, Dassia Chandris and Corfu Chandris count as some of the finest hotels in this resort, excelling both in the quality of the services offered and in the increasing number of beds made available each year. However, plenty of other accommodation solution can be identified in Dassia, ranging from less expensive to rather costly. Villas and apartments for rent should be checked as to their availability. In addition, tourists also have an overwhelming range of eating venues alternatives to chose from, some of the most recommendable and picturesque referring to Taverna Castello, luring tourists with excellent traditional Corfu dishes, and to Kiki’s Fish Tavern which, just as the name indicates, serves fish dishes exclusively. Adding the fact that this northeastern resort is only about one hour from Corfu Town, it is obvious Dassia is easily accessible from the main infrastructure hub of Corfu, which is an additional incentive for planning a vacation in Dassia.

Attractions in Corfu

Acharavi Beach

What is unique about the Acharavi Beach is that it stands out as the longest beach in Corfu. Acharavi is the most important northern seaside resort.


Kaminaki Beach

The Kaminaki Beach excels by being one of the most secluded pebble stretches in the entire Corfu.


Komeno Beach

Another blue flagged beach in Corfu refers to the Komeno Beach which pertains to the municipality of Kerkyreon.