Trips from Corfu to Zakynthos / Excursions

Next to Kefalonia and unlike the rocky Ithaca, Zakynthos – also called Zante – is, perhaps, one of the most inspired options for short 2 to 3 day trips from Corfu. The island is the farthermost of all Ionian Island as compared to Corfu, and its main highlights refer to its numerous fine beaches and village resorts. Given its natural endowments and its tourist infrastructure, the island of Zakynthos is a tourist destination in its own right, Laganas counting as one of the most popular resorts in the south of the island, whereas the northern smaller resort of Alykes is often chosen for its Blue Grotto (or Kianou Caves) where advised visitors can test by themselves whether a bath into the natural pool of the grotto really turns them blue or not.

The only limitation of tourism development is represented by the fact that the so-called Caretta Caretta, an endangered species of turtles – which for that matter, also nest in the nearby Kefalonia – must share in view of nesting the same beaches (Laganas and Yerakas in particular) with the huge flow of tourists coming here to sunbathe and to indulge in beach enabled sports activities. Given its high degree of endangerment, tourists are advised against using speedboats in the Laganas Bay, against sticking umbrellas in the sand, against using the beaches between sunset and sunrise and the like. The bottom line is the island of Zakynthos is a genuine natural haven, and tourists are encouraged to do their best to accommodate their vacation plans with this particularity of the island.

Attractions in Corfu

Paramonas Beach

The Paramonas Beach is yet another alternative for quiet getaways in the western side of Corfu.



Located on the northeastern side of Corfu, the resort village of Barbati is only about 20 kilometers from Corfu Town. The beaches and Mount Pantokrator.


Trips from Corfu to Paxi

Trips from Corfu to Paxi (Paxos). Visit Paxos main town - Gaios. The island only one hotel but plenty of rooms in villas and apartments for rent.