Ermones Beach / Corfu Beaches

The Ermones Beach, a blue flagged venue with deep waters, is just as much worth visiting, since it lacks nothing of what more famous beaches feature. It has a rather wild look, but, nevertheless, it is fitted with modern facilities, such as water sports facilities, some coffee shops and taverns. Furthermore, the beachfront is linked to the overlooking hotel by a cable car. If not for anything else, tourists should visit the Ermones Beach at least for a taste of the breathtaking scenery a ride with the cable car can offer.

Attractions in Corfu

Museum of Asian Art Corfu

Museum of Asian Art opens the range of establishments covering the topic of art exhibits. This one is located in the Palace of Saints Michael and George.


Sidari Water Park

Sidari Water Park-Hotel is located near Sidari, on Corfu Island. The water park has water slides, swimming pools, table hockey and table football.


Archaeological Museum Corfu

The Archeological Museum of Corfu Town impresses, the many archeological exhibits aside, by its famous Gorgon Medusa statue and other works of art in Greece