Trips from Corfu to Kefalonia / Excursions

Even if Kefalonia, the biggest of all the Ionian Islands, is not the best destination for daytrips from Corfu, it still remains recommendable for getaways the planning of which implies spending one or more nights in Kefalonia. The name of the island comes from a variety of a protected fir tree called Abies cephalonica. In fact, the island is famed for its national nature park, located on the highest peak of the Ionian Islands, namely, Mount Enos, which is an undeniable attraction worth visiting. A certain species of turtles which has found a perfect nesting place in Kefalonia is deemed endangered and, hence, protected.

All these mean that the island is invaluable as to its natural endowments, but tourism, even if not as developed as in Corfu, is the main economic activity. Indeed, much of Kefalonia thrives on tourism, plenty of its regions being replete with hotels and other various establishments related to the servicing of tourists’ needs. One of the most interesting resorts in Kefalonia refers to the small village of Fiskardo, unique by a particular feature: its 18th century Venetian architectural heritage is still intact in spite of the terrible earthquake that ruined all the other localities on the island in the mid 1950s. All in all, Kefalonia is an excellent idea in the event visitors of Corfu are in the mood for a getaway of this kind. Days can be spent on one of the countless beaches of the island, the Lassi Beach being the closets located to Argostoli – the largest village and resort of the island – and nights may open the perspective of benefiting from the few wonderful nightlife opportunities one can easily find in Kefalonia.

Attractions in Corfu

Kassiopi Beach

What is so appealing about the Kassiopi Beach is that it is located at the foot of Mount Pantokrator.


Agios Georgios Argyradon Beach

The Agios Georgios Argyradon Beach is a 200 meters long and 10 meters wide white stretch of sand located in the municipality of Korision, on the southwestern side of Corfu


Ermones Beach

The Ermones Beach, a blue flagged venue with deep waters, is just as much worth visiting, since it lacks nothing of what more famous beaches feature.