Molos Beach / Corfu Beaches

The Molos Beach looks a lot like the Kavos Beach, featuring shallow waters and a sandy texture. In terms of amenities, certain restaurants and a number of taverns are to be found near by this beach, and accommodation solutions are provided by the hotels and rooms for rent. This beach is located near the famous salt plains of Corfu.

Attractions in Corfu

Kavos Beach

The Kavos Beach, again stretching in the southern region of Corfu, is highly popular with tourists holidaying on the island together with their families


Sissy’s Achillion Palace

Sissy’s Achillion Palace is one of the main tourist attractions on Corfu Island. Built by an Italian architect upon the command of Empress Sissy in 1890.



Roda is a resort located precisely in the center of the northern coastline of Corfu, near Kassiopi, Akharavi (largest beach) and Sidari Corfu resorts.