Ipsos / Resorts

What Ipsos is truly unique by refers to the fact that this eastern resort of Corfu is unmatched with respect to its success and popularity with a particular type of tourists, mainly single young visitors in search of adventure opportunities and nightlife surprises. Indeed, there are plenty of bars and clubs in Ipsos to fit all concepts of having fun, the most advisable and popular at the same time being, for instance, TTB, Lumberjack’s and The Old Tree, not to mention B52. Cocktails and other fine drinks, dancing and blending into the electrifying energy radiated by such venues only to start all over again the next night seem to suit the tastes of Ipsos holidaymakers. British tourists are particularly fond of what Ipsos has turned into lately, that is, into a resort which has learned that being fitted with establishments and facilities gratifying the expectations of these tourists is a fruitful situation for both parties. And, indeed, given this consistent trend, ironic observers are somewhat empowered to say that Ipsos is rather British than Greek.

Thus, it’s no surprise to ascertain Ipsos is extremely overcrowded, sometimes even for those who appreciate the bustle to a certain extent. The fact that Ipsos is also extremely close located to Corfu Town also contributes to this state of affairs. This is why unadvised tourists might find themselves in the situation of being obliged to share their generally rightful spot on the beach with a total stranger. Despite this possible drawback – though usual visitors of Ipsos deem this feature a benefit – Ipsos has one of the finest beaches in Corfu. Blue flagged as it is, this stretch of sand and pebbles is dubbed the Golden Mile, but it would be only fair to say that the nowadays Ipsos Beach has assimilated the beach previously pertaining to the northerner Pyrgi. This is why, when referring to the Ipsos Beach, one should always also understand its extension to the Pyrgi Beach.

This unification is, after all, a wholesome event, since, given their close vicinity, Pyrgi and Ipsos have had a consistently common history and tourism development has seen in Pyrgi a natural extension of Ipsos. It’s true that the beach proper of Pyrgi is sandier than its southern counterpart, but their identities have already blended into a single Golden Mile, so only tourists who disregard their mission to Ipsos can pay attention to such details. Eventually, in regard of accommodation, there are plenty of hotels and apartments for rent to choose from. Enough establishments offer low priced services and facilities, which is, after all, understandable, since most of the money is to be spent on other objectives. Some tend to consider that Phoebus Restaurant is the height of eating venues in Ipsos, but one could hardly make such judgments since, isn’t it, Ipsos floats in the inviting flavors of fish and chips dishes, without disregarding the also fair offer of Greek cuisine.

Ipsos is, obviously, the embodiment of vacations divested of inhibitions – though there are limitations with respect to this feature – and those interested in such opportunities should not hesitate. Ipsos will not fall short of their expectations.

Attractions in Corfu

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