Gouvia / Resorts

Though significantly calmer than the nearby Kondokali resort, Gouvia is one of the most popular and largest northeastern resorts in Corfu. It is popular with tourists in the entire Europe, and its convenient distance from Corfu Town makes it easily accessible for all visitors intending to head for Gouvia. Its main attractions refer to its fine blue flagged beach which makes a perfect daytrip destination for tourists accommodated in Corfu Town, and to its splendid bay which hosts a marina heavily frequented by numerous yachts to tourist purposes.

Given this later asset, the beach in Gouvia features plenty of boat hiring opportunities, which is an extremely inspired alternative both for spending leisure time and for exploring the nearby waters and the coastline. Certain facilities enable sports activities, such as paragliding and water-skiing, which is always enough of a reason to consider that Gouvia is, indeed, full of opportunities to have fun and to taste the benefits of an ideal day at the beach. But getting back to Gouvia Bay, tourists should keep in mind that, its modern significance aside, this bay also features a historic importance, having been one of the main spots deemed vulnerable by the conquering forces of Turkey, for instance.

The vestiges of a Venetian arsenal still visible nearby the marina substantiate such historic episodes. In terms of accommodation and eating venues, Gouvia features a fine selection of establishments, of which the most notable refer to the Louis Corcyra Beach, an A class hotel featuring its own private beach for dainty guests, and to Steki which, of all the other eating venues in Gouvia must be tried. Yet, other hotels, as well as rooms for rent and restaurants might just as well be checked as to their offers, since Gouvia hosts a satisfactory number of establishments putting forward accommodation solutions and gastronomic experiences. The bottom line is Gouvia is ideal for family vacations, though this is not its exclusive tourist profile.

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