Trips from Corfu to Ioannina / Excursions

The Ionian Islands aside, the coastline of Epirus on the mainland Greece stands out as yet another inspired idea for trips starting off in Corfu. Parga is highly likely to appeal to countless tourists who expect nothing but beaches and sun for a perfect vacation, but an even more impressive destination is represented by the farther inland capital of Epirus, namely, Ioannina. This city, formerly deemed a center of the Greek enlightenment, features a considerable historic heritage. The main objective is represented by the old castle which impresses by its strange lay out and the past of which is replete with both moment of glory and moments of tragedy. Ali Pasha is the most prominent figure to have left his mark not only on the castle as such, but also on the entire historic trajectory of Ioannina. The small island of Nissi located on Lake Pamvotis in Ioannina is another objective which must be ticked off both because it is linked to the death of the above mentioned Ali Pasha and because it hosts six monasteries built in various historic intervals, the oldest having been erected in the 11th century, the most recent in the 19th century. The St. Panateleimon Monastery is famed for being the place where Ali Pasha was killed (in 1822), the traces of this tragic incident still being visible nowadays.

Other features which single out Ioannina in the entire Greece refer to the fact that the city is one of the rare places in the country where hookah are sold, but mainly to tourists in search of exotic souvenirs, and to the fact that Ioannina is one of the main hubs where silver jewelry trade is extremely flourishing. So, if not for anything else, at least for a stroll among the picturesque shops marketing such items should tourists come to Ioannina.

Furthermore, Ioannina is a good starting point for exploring certain attractions nearby. The largest network of caves in the entire Greece, called the Perama Caves, which lies on the border of Ioannina, and the Zagorian Villages are a definite must-see, and another noteworthy scenery is the one yielded by the impressive historical site of Dodona (22 kilometers from Ioannina), known to have been the place where the priestess of Zeus made her prophecies. Obviously, Ioannina is a destination which should not be overlooked, since it is able to enrich both a stay in Corfu and the experience one can make of Greece.

Attractions in Corfu

Messonghi Beach

The Messonghi Beach belongs to the homonymous resort which is a favorite destination for tourists coming to Corfu.


Molos Beach

The Molos Beach looks a lot like the Kavos Beach, featuring shallow waters and a sandy texture.


Komeno Beach

Another blue flagged beach in Corfu refers to the Komeno Beach which pertains to the municipality of Kerkyreon.