Myrtiotissa Beach / Corfu Beaches

Another rather unmatched beach in the west of Corfu refers to the Myrtiotissa Beach, an excellent venue for those who know how to appreciate a stretch of sand not only for its inherent features, but also for the beauty of its surroundings. Thus, the beach is bordered by several vineyards, and the monastery of Myrtiotissa is yet another landmark close to the beach. To whom it may concern, the beach is frequented mostly by nudists, so, either tourists look for such a place or want to avoid it for various reasons, they should keep in mind that nudism has become a tradition in this part of Corfu.

Attractions in Corfu

Museum of Asian Art Corfu

Museum of Asian Art opens the range of establishments covering the topic of art exhibits. This one is located in the Palace of Saints Michael and George.



Kassiopi beaches consist of rather pebbly stretches, but the fact that most of them are satisfactorily endowed with sports facilities and boat hiring beach.


Palace of Saints Michael and George

The Palace of Saints Michael and George in Corfu (Kerkyra) hosts yet another museum, namely, the Municipal Art Gallery. This museum hosts a generous display of works produced by 19th…