Messonghi Beach / Corfu Beaches

The Messonghi Beach belongs to the homonymous resort which is a favorite destination for tourists coming to Corfu. Located in the southeastern side of Corfu, the beach as such is not exclusively composed of sand, but also of pebble and shingle. However, it is extremely well provided with facilities enabling waters sports, and the resort bristles with establishments putting forward accommodation services (hotels, rooms and apartments for rent). A considerable number of eateries rounds up the inviting picture of this resort and of its inherent beach.

Attractions in Corfu

Agios Stefanos North East

The beach in Agios Stefanos (North East) is laced by several small coves which provide an excellent shelter for those in search of seclusion.


Agios Stefanos Beach

The Agios Stefanos Beach is located in the northwestern side of Corfu, and the increasing popularity of this venue amasses more and more tourists each year


Agios Gordis Beach

On the western side of Corfu, one of the most picturesque beaches is represented by the Agios Gordis Beach which offers stunning sceneries